Footsteps sound2014-06-16_Old-TGH(17)
Where there is a brick wall
A floorboard squeaks then stops
Silence descends
And I wait for the sound
For a penny or two to drop
Are children
At play with nefarious intent
To scare the unwitting senseless?
Sound crackles
Once more to fill the void
And I scream I am not defenceless
Only Echoes
Reply to the voice I projected
No sounds of children’s laughter
Am I
Truly alone, here in the dark?
Or is this what the devils were after?
Sweat covers2010_01_30_Moon_Scape (36)
And coats my body in fear
Filling the air with my scent
I’d like
To repay the favour in kind
And search for where they went
Movement, quick
Shadows of darkness
Flirt at the edge of my vision
Coldness falls
In the heat of the night
And I must listen to reason
A shape
Illuminated by the moon above
Its outline edged with light
Saunters forwards
With a head held high
And cat’s eyes sparkle bright2010_01_30_Moon_Scape (67)
Harsh words
Ensue as I stare at the creature
And give it a piece of my mind
It ignores
My tirade and continues
It’s quest to see what it can find
The back
Arches high and fur rises too
Eyes narrow in fright as it hisses
Alone I
Stand in the dark once more2014-06-16_Old-TGH(64)
Fear runs over my shoulders like kisses
Fate determines
What happens this night
I have no say in the matter
Cold heart
Cold hands reach out to me
And my heart reacts with a flutter
Sharpness digs
Into this warm neck of mine
And my life spins out of control2010_01_30_Moon_Scape (10)
For here
I am, frozen by fear
As this being drains my soul
My world
Is shattered, a mirror of pain
For me there is no relief
The Darkness
Presses down on me
Then steals away like a thief
Blood runs
Cold where once ran hot
My innocence has fled
Another will
Now rule the dark of the night
And the ground will soak in the blood to be shed


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