There is something I have wanted for a long time. It’s silly really. A whim, if you like. I don’t want a metal box with a lid stuck on a pole at the front gate. I want something different.

I want a Darlek mailbox.

I want a real life size darlek lurking at the front of my house.

Can you imagine coming home from a big night out, driving down the dark street, and the lights of the car hit the darlek. What would you do? Be honest. In that split second, before your mind hasn’t had time to process it can’t be real…… what would you do?

The results of that one split second, might be enough of a reason, given my mischeavious nature. (Yeah, it’s there hiding underneath the façade that is me.)

Honest, I just think it would be so cool to have a darlek mailbox.

Naturally,  I searched darlek mailbox on the net and was amazed at some of the creations out there. Yes! I am not alone!

I have loved the show ever since I saw the first black and white episode in the early 70’s. I liked the concept of being – out there – being more than just human and daring to explore. My brother, on the other hand would always run to his room whenever it came on. He was not a fan.

Then I saw my first darlek. I was hooked and “exterminate” very quickly became a catch phrase.

So, I don’t think it an unreasonable request to have a darlek mailbox. I even have the plans to build a life size one. I thought it would be a great holiday project for my husband and the two boys. They thought it would be too.

Ten years later, I am still darlekless and we are still using the same dinky mailbox we’ve had for over twenty years.

It’s not as if I haven’t waited long enough…. It’s not an odd request…. Is it?

A darlek mailbox would make a great Christmas present.

Boys, I hope you’re reading this…. You have just over 6 months until Christmas.  Boys?


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