Horror Story


You will never know when it finds you

You will never see it when it strikes

It creeps under doorways

Seeps through cracks

In the blackness of night

Or in shadows dark

It waits without form


It’s a suggestion of fear

A question of trust

One moment quiet

The next on edge

Is it the cat in the trashcan?

Or something more sinister?

Your heart skips a beat


The air starts to tingle

Heavy and oppressive

A sense of wrongness

Falls over your shoulders

Shadows dance

At the edge of your vision

Shapes undefined emerge


The crack of a floorboard

When there is no one there

Or is it you just can’t see

A banging of shutters

A rush of blood

Alertness of sight and sound

Are you alone?


Fear has gripped

Your heart in a vice

Not even your soul can control

What is it that

Stalks the depth of your mind

Shrouded in wisps of black

Tangles of shadows untwine


It’s waiting

For the moment

When you embrace

The possibility

You are not alone

For it ever watches

Just invite it in……



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