Favourite Movies

When I’m taking a break from reading or writing I enjoy watching movies. Really enjoy watching movies. My DVD collection is almost extensive as my book collection.

So I thought I’d share a few of my favourites.

Naturally, the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit are placed among the top.  Not only have these movies captured the grandeur of Tolkien’s stories I feel they captured the essence of them as well.

For the moment, I’ll concentrate of the horror movies. To be exact, vampire movies.

In the Seventies there was an abundance of vampire movies. And I wanted to watch any movie starring Christopher Lee or Vincent Price. Christopher with his height and presence, Vincent Price with his voice and maniacal laughter  (as evident in Michael Jackson’s Thriller) were made for horror.

Here’s a few that I remember fondly from my childhood to adolescence, in no particular order: Horror of Dracula, Count Yorgo, Return of Count Yorgo, The Lair of the White Worm, Thirst, Hunger, Nosferatu, Vampyres, Kiss of the Damned, Salem’s Lot and Vampires by John Carpenter, to name a few.

Of course there have been more than one version of Dracula, and while the basic story has stayed the same, there are variations of the theme. My favourites in more recent times are Bram Strokers Dracula and Dracula Untold. Other vampire movies in general I have enjoyed are Dusk to Dawn, 30 Days of Night, Let Me In and Only Lovers Left Alive.

Then there are the movies in a series. Of course, Blade has to be mentioned. Storyline was a little muddled in parts, yet I still enjoyed them. Special effects were fantastic and the fight scenes well-choreographed.  Underworld is another series gracing my shelves. Though I do have to say I was disappointed in one scene where a vampire is peering into the darkness and can’t see anything. Really? It did take a while to get over that disappointing lapse, and once I reminded myself it’s a vampire story and bends the boundaries of reality and sanity to begin with, the rest of the story was interesting. I was disappointed in the last movie, yet if/when, a next one is made, I will be curious enough to go and see it.

Of course, one cannot talk about vampire movies without talking about Interview with a Vampire. While I loved the books, I wasn’t a real fan of the movie. In my mind the main actor didn’t portray Lestat as I imagined the character in the books. However, the actor in Queen of the Damned was Lestat. Or at least my interpretation of how Lestat should have been.  Still, both movies had their moments.

One movie I think should never have had a sequel is Lost Boys. Lost Boys had a few holes. One being, why did we never get to see the only female turn vampire? And the two zany vampire hunters, please, a little too much. I did enjoy the angst of the character that was changing. And the ‘lost boys’ were believable vampires.

While I have a collection of movies, I also have a number of TV series as well.

Of course, I have Buffy and the spin-off Angel. True Blood is also a favourite.  Once I was asked if I was team Edward or team Jacob, I replied I was team Eric. Thank you Charlaine Harris for writing such great books.

Still, the one and only vampire is Dracula.  And I was riveted by the tv series by the same name. It does not follow the traditional story line, but the main characters are the same. From reviews I had read many people didn’t like it as it took a different slant of the tale. Does it have to be exactly the same? What the directors did was take the old tale and made it something new and I thoroughly enjoyed it. And Dracula is played to perfection.

Now to the last one. I originally watched a clip of this movie on YouTube and I had to buy it. I’m so glad I did. What We Do In The Shadows is about a camera crew filming a reality show. The big difference with this reality show is the people they are filming are vampires. Very funny and well crafted.

Well, there is my short list of vampire movies.

Thanks for reading.  Now I’m off to watch Vikings, or maybe Wire in the Blood, no wait, I think Black Sails……













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