Dreams Can Come True!

My day began like any other, with the usual morning rituals. However from 9.30 in the morning it quickly became anything but usual.

When I wrote my profile I shared I had two dreams. To ride on the back of a dragon or be published, but would settle for being published.

Today, my friends and I published our first anthology.

My heart thudded in my chest threatening to exploded, as my friends and I viewed our uploaded anthology for the very first time. 2016-07-04 001_Aiyson-Kay-Barb(8) - Copy

This has been a dream, not only for me, but for Barb and Kay as well. A lot of hard work, sweat and tears have gone into this ebook.

Stories of the Dark and Light, consists of ten short stories ranging from fantasy to paranormal, science fiction to metafiction. There is a mysterious watcher whose good intentions go awry; Modern towns with ancient secrets; Forbidden love of elven assassins; A grieving bomber on a submarine and the hopes of a disabled teen; A character suffering the whims of his author; A world were belief is power and where the light keeps you safe.

The anthology is now available on Amazon, and has been uploaded via Smashwords as well.

If you want to read a book, but don’t have the time for a novel, give Stories of the Dark and Light a go.


2016-07-04 001_Aiyson-Kay-Barb(15) - Copy

(L to R) Alyson Walton, Barbara Strickland and Kay Want Cheung

with our anthology in the background.



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