I look upon2016-01-12 magnetic Island 104 myself as newly ‘hatched’ and my friends and I are trying to find our way through the forest of self-publishing. There are so many paths leading off in all directions. Good ideas, bad ideas, how do you tell them apart?

I confess I’m a bit of an introvert and putting myself ‘out there’ into the invisible world behind my computer screen is scary.

Whenever I finish a blog and I look at it on the screen, my heart pumps wildly in my chest, my hands will shake a little and I always close my eyes just after I press that little publish button. Yet, for all the anxiety I go through, I still want to keep writing and keep pressing that little button.

It has taken me a while, but I finally worked out why I put myself through this. I just want to be heard. I want to add my voice to the world.

We all want to be heard. Some say it with tattoos, some with body jewellery; others say it with their choice of clothing. It can be subtle or it can be loud. It can be the car you drive, it can be the toys you buy for your children, it can be many things.

Yet words have the power to create wars, they can inspire, motivate, captivate, embrace you and keep your soul warm. Take you to new lands, new worlds, off world, to the stars and beyond.

Verbal or written, words are the most powerful tool we possess.

My friends and I are learning a craft. We will make mistakes, and I hope we do, it is the only way to learn. As long as they aren’t big ones!

I will continue to learn about the world behind my computer screen. I will continue to share words on my blog and explore the words written by other bloggers, authors, and anyone who wants to add their voice.

After all, written words are just like saying – I was here.


2 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. That is very true. For me though I see it more as the possibility that hearing me may help someone else hear themselves. That’s what reading has always done for me whether it be the learning of something new, refreshing thoughts on something old, pure entertainment or the idea someone simply understands.
    What a rocky but still very exciting road we have chosen.


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