Have you permission2016-07-05 dragon 060 - Copy - Copy

to stand at this gate?

To pass beyond this border?


I wasn’t informed

of your arrival

and I must question your presence.


What is it exactly

that you seek?

To converse with the wizard within?2015-08-28-30_grandmas Old Home(103)


Is it you require

the healing herbs?

Or is it something more explicit?


Are you willing

to pay the price

that your request will demand?


If not, you

need to think my friendIMG_4512

how much its worth to you.


It’s more dangerous

than you know

to seek those wants you desire.


Repercussions are

never thought of

when the deed is finally done.


You think you

are the first to come

seeking the master’s knowledge?


Oh no, my friend2011_08_25_Tony_Walton_Mask (12)

you are but one

of many to walk this darkening path.


A word of caution,

heed my words

for not lightly do I repeat them.


For once you’ve

gone beyond my sight

your world will fall away.


You enter a place2014-06-16_Old-TGH(64)

of unknown dangers

and your fate will no longer be yours.


I ask once more,

and answer slowly

for this is the truth of the matter

 2012_06_04_lunar_eclipse (31)

A world exists

Of darkness and horror

born solely to see you squirm.


Be careful

My friend, I warn again

Thrice is the allotted number.IMG_8307


For if you step

beyond this point

I can no longer protect you.


And if by chance2016-07-05 dragon 057

you greet me once more

stumbling from the other side.


The light of

the day will never

be enough to chase the shadows away.


And you will

know the truth

of the world that lies beyond.















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