Ride-on Mowers and Writing

There are water restrictions where I live. Yet, we’ve had enough rain to make tough grasses and weeds grow, but not much else. The grass has gone to seed and the stalks wave majestically in the breeze. One of my dogs has given up weaving through the grasses and will only venture out when someone has the audacity to get too close to the fence line. The other dog takes one look at the grasses taller than him, sniffs and wanders back onto the patio. The cat on the other hand is delighted. What cat wouldn’t like sneaking through the grass to pounce on an unsuspecting leaf blowing in the breeze? He’s traded down from mice; he isn’t as nimble as he used to be. There is no escaping the fact; the yard needs to be mowed.

About two weeks ago, my husband pulled the ride on mower from the cave where it had been in hibernation.  After a little attention it was off and running. Twenty minutes later it spluttered and coughed and had to be pushed into the carport.  The cutting board was about to split in two and the engine had clogged with grass. (Short version, child, small metal object, long grass, enough said).

I am getting to the writing bit, trust me.

The cutting board was removed, and tossed in the back of the truck. The engine was unclogged, cleaned, polished and oiled. A week later, the cutting board is repaired and tinkering is required.   Success! It starts, but now there is another problem and we need a professional Tinker.

There is no doubt that at times tinkering is required to achieve one’s goal.

I look back to when I first wrote my short story. I have tinkered with it over the years. Took numerous writing courses, learnt some things, and life happened around me. I tinkered with it on and off, and the short story evolved into five novels.

With the help of my writers group (Wordwick3d coming to a website soon) my tinkering became focussed.  Throughout my journey into tinkering with words, I have made some fantastic friends, meet some fantastic authors and I’m not as hesitant to explore, share and contribute ideas anymore.

Tinkering has given me the resources to be brave enough to take that giant leap into self-publishing, with the reassurance of friends by my side.  I know my tinkering will continue to give me strength and knowledge. At this moment in the newness of being a writer, I need to tinker. Not to do so is short changing myself, and my readers, current and future.

There will come a time when I will have to call on a professional Tinker, and no doubt there will be more tinkering on my part.

However, while I know how to tinker, how does one know exactly when to stop?


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