The Darkness Waits


Flesh is rotting in the dark of souls

An eye forever roving

You think you are safe in the daylight hours

A mantra you repeat to yourself

But shadows are dark in the corner it hides

With a blackness appearing solid

It waits, bidding the time

When the light of day fades as the sun sinks below the horizon

The flicker of stars and lights respond to chase away the demons

But did I not say in the corner it hides?

And those in the know feel the dreadfieldfield_night_1-1


A shadow within a dream the mind refuses to acknowledge

The unwitting stumble with an uneasy gait

Their scent and shadow mark them

A noise in the blackness

The hunt has begun

Shadows follow

Turn around

There is nothing your eyes can see

Understanding has eluded you

How perfect they hide

2010_01_30_Moon_Scape (67)Until the moment

You greet the blackness

That is death



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