The Blank Page

The heart beats

The eyes wander2016-07-05-dragon-054

Still the vision

Will not come


What have I done

To be treated as such?

Dismissed and

Forgotten by you?


I supported you

I caressed you

I’ve given you

All but my life


And still you

Ignore the very

Being of me

Discarded and torn


Where are you

My muse?

My soul?2016-07-05-dragon-068

My friend?


The blank page

Sits before me

As empty as

My thoughts


A terrible thing

A voice

In my soul



A flicker of

Light in the


A flutter of nerves


There you are

Hidden behind

The curtain

Of doubt


Don’t leave me

I scream in

The blankness

Of my mind


An exhalation

Of breath

Cinnamon and spice

Nasty and nice2016-07-05-dragon-044


A flicker

A thought

An image

Then words……











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