My Window

I press my face against the glass

All I see is the bitter dark

Haunted with memories I cannot forget

I am lost in the pathways within my mind.


A spark, a movement of something new

A shred of light in the abyss

Laughter, a sound of forgotten times

Of an innocent life once born.


Desire, want and need overtake my soul

A raw pain rules my body

The dark is cast in shades of grey

Florescent hues tinge my madness.


As it draws near, so grows the scent

Of life, of heat, of sustenance

It is all that exists in this world of madness

It is all the truth I want to know.


The world has become a harrowing place

Of nightmares, that are real

A pain unrelenting, an emotion so cruel

I no longer recognise myself.


No, don’t stop outside my window

No, don’t try to peer inside

Don’t cup your hand around your eyes

For all you will see is lies.


Pass by, I plead with unspoken words

Yet I know you will ignore them

Curiosity, is a fatal flaw

When dealing with the likes of me.


Yes, come, step closer and give me your scent

And I will draw you into my body

For you are unique in a marvellous way

A soul gift wrapped in memories.


I can taste you now on the tip of my tongue

Sweet and sour, so enticing

The warmth of your life wraps around my dead heart

And I drown in your emotions.


The deed is done, my needs are met

The night beckons me forward

I no longer cringe from the faces around me

I stand just as human as they.


I’m well aware of this fleeting moment

Given to me at such cost

To experience a painless existence

Where my soul is not overwhelmed with greed.


The light of the sun begins long before

The night has finished its duty

I huddle once more, in the darkness of shadows

While life slips away from my fingers.


I will remember that moment, for the rest of my living

Your eyes as they searched the darkness

I will remember that moment, for the rest of my living

Your soul as I drank it dry.


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