Finding the Bigger Picture

I’m back.

Forgive me, I’ve always wanted to say that, and it’s been a while since I last wrote on my blog. Why waste a perfect opportunity?

I’ve come a long way since I wrote my last blog. Mind you there have still been downer days, but the moment I’m on a high. Not literally of course, it’s a high from: I have been writing and wrote over 3000 words on Saturday. That is the most I have accomplished for a long while.

After months of mulling my novel in my head I worked out my problem. I was attacking it from the wrong angle. What I thought was important, wasn’t. I was paying so much attention to one section, I forgot the bigger picture. I thought the best way to attack my story was to break it down into three novellas. It naturally has three sections to it anyway. A beginning, middle and end. Duh!

That was my mistake.

It’s obvious, really. And I knew that, but being the nervous writer that I am, I couldn’t help but keep thinking I had it wrong. Then all the doubts creep in; and life creeps in and the situation just explodes. Yet, at the same time it was being able to see the sections apart I was able to redefine my direction and put them back together.

I was asked once: Name a book you think your story is most like?

I couldn’t answer.

Now I have no hesitation, but I won’t answer in books, I’ll answer in Authors: Ann Rice, Charlaine Harris and Laurel K Hamilton (to name three). Of course I am not suggesting that I am in the same league as these wonderful authors, but they are a source of great inspiration to me.

I began my novel long before I had a chance to read Interview with a Vampire and it was two children and a completed drafted series after, before I happened upon Charlaine’s and Laurel’s series. And when I read their works, it was an explosion of happiness.

They wrote as I wanted to write. They wrote what I wanted to write (or close enough).

I realise now, that back then in my ‘emerging’ days, I wasn’t drafting my novels, I was just playing; rearranging ways to say the same thing, maybe improving structure, but playing nonetheless. It wasn’t until a few years ago; I decided it was time to be serious.

One of my other problems was deciding what genre my novel falls into. Paranormal, definitely. Horror? I’m talking vampires here, blood, guts and gore. But is it scary enough? Romance? Hmmm, not in the true sense of romance novels, that is something I think readers will have to decide on their own.

At the moment I’m inspired to write more. This is the first time the idea of writing something for my blog, hasn’t sent me scurrying away from my computer and finding chocolate to nibble on.

Will I continue? I hope so.

Until next time.





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