About Me

2016-01-12 magnetic Island 232 (2)My passions are my family and writing. My dreams are to be published and ride on the back of a dragon, but I’ll settle for being published. I love gothic tales and write paranormal and fantasy stories with a dark twist. And it is never a good idea to stand between me and chocolate.

June 2016:

My dream of being published is slowly taking a step towards reality.  My writers group – Wordwick3d, is currently just waiting for our cover for our Dark and Light Anthology to be finalised and it’s ready to go.

I’m hoping my first vampire novel will be ready at the beginning of 2017.

Between now and then I will no doubt consume my weight in chocolate, curse at my computer, cry with frustration, have self doubts, drink copious amounts of extra hot chocolate and love every moment.

July 2016:

AnthologyStories of the Dark and Light has now been released and is available on Amazon, and Smash words.

Dreams can come true…….2016-07-04 001_Aiyson-Kay-Barb(15) - Copy

Thanks to Melanie Paiva for her great illustration for our cover.