Stories of the Dark and Light, is an anthology featuring short stories of fantasy, paranormal, science fiction and metafiction.Anthology

There is a mysterious Watcher whose good intentions go awry; Modern towns with ancient secrets; Forbidden love of elven assassins; A grieving bomber on a submarine and the hopes of a disabled teen; A character suffering the whims of his author; A world where belief is power and where the light keeps you safe….

From The Light Keeps Me Safe……

Darkness hit me like a solid force. And a presence surrounded me.  I felt wet fingers across my cheek. I felt a cold breath close to my ear. I wanted to push the presence from me. But I couldn’t move. My arms were frozen at my side. The phone slid from my fingers and thudded as it landed on the floor.

“Mine,” a voice whispered in my ear………


Stories of the Dark and Light is available from Amazon and Smash words.