Depression looms like an oncoming storm

I am but driftwood in its path2016-01-12 magnetic Island 071.JPG

Tossed and thrown in the winds

I’m lost without direction.


A joy is taken, and thrown aside

Lying shattered upon the sand

Baked and split beneath the sun

A world without respite.


Colours in bloom appear above

Reds and orange fade to black2015-01-16_20_magnetic-island-holiday-214

As the sun sinks past the horizon

Here is my place in the coolness of night


Silver shivers across the waves

The surf sings a lullaby

Sand caresses with soothing warmth

In arms I gratefully lie.


I stand and face the oncoming dawn

Warmth clinging between my toes2013-09-30-magnetic-island_day_131

The tide encroaches with single purpose

A shifting of sands undermined.


My path has moulded into something new

Yesterday lies behind me

Today an illusion, unexplored

And I follow the shifting sands.


There is always an oncoming storm

A rush of an incoming tide

Of silver shivering and tossing diamonds2013-09-30-magnetic-island_day_128

A solid surface being undermined.


No longer a puppet dangling on a string

I take a step, I sink, I continue

To a destination unknown I walk beside the storm

Strengthen with purpose, me, myself and I.









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